RadioScope Alternative Airplay Chart | Week to November 14 2021

Points are based on the number of plays weighted by the audience size of each radio station.
1Loud & CleardeadforestYKK/Kartel402
2The BenchMouseyWinegum/DRM384
3Fantasy FictionCrushBleachedBlonde373
4Love We'll Never KnowWho Shot ScottTenfold/DittoMusic355
5FROM THA JUMPJessBJessB/TheOrchard343
7Message In A HammerObongjayarSeptember/TheOrchard342
8On My JobSkyMning feat. TotemsBankrupt/DRM344
9Infinite LightDream ChambersSonorousCircle333
10Your LifeJulien Dyne feat. SemisiSoundway/Rhythm332
11Who Would Want To Be Lonely?Luke BudaBuda/DRM324
12Burning HeavenErny BelleErnyBelle/DRM313
13There Must Be A Song Like YouHelado Negro4AD/BeggarsGroup/Rhythm312
14New MadonnasMoody.V And The Menstrual CycleMVMC304
15TrillionNightmares On Wax feat. Mara TKWarp/Border301
16All OutStanley Pedigree feat. Teva ValentineStanleyPedigree/GYROstream285
17B.T.T.G.Samara AlofaKuiniQontrol/DRM283
19Goblin RockSkody BanksSkodyBanks271
20GooeyLeaping TigerESP275
21Heart In ReactionVera EllenFlyingNun271
22Railroad For TwoMini SimmonsMiniSimmons/DRM273
23Red SandsAjak KwaiMusicInExile/TheOrchard271
24Rhymes Of Chance Pt 5Roy Montgomery feat. Emma JohnstonGrapefruit/TheOrchard271
25It's Your BirthdayVera EllenFlyingNun263
26Self HelpMiss LeadingMissLeading252
28Down Nuh RiverserpentwithfeetSecretlyCanadian/Rhythm241
29Erica's BirthdayKody NielsonGODEMOJI241
30fake loveMisty And The SlugMistyAndTheSlug241
31Just To Hear YouHand Habits feat. Perfume GeniusMilk!/RemoteControl/Rhythm241
32The People's ChangesMyele Manzanza feat. Matt Dal Din, Ashton Sellars, Aron Ottignon And Lewis MoodyDeepMatter/TheOrchard241
33Venus, The Birth OfWallaceWallace244
34MissingGoya (NZ)BigChurch234
35Wide AwakeBelladonnaBellaDonna234
36Working For The KnifeMitskiDeadOceans/BWSCD/Rhythm234
37Year To YearYaeji And OHHYUKXL/BeggarsGroup/Rhythm232
38Bus StopThere's A TuesdayOlive/Universal223
39Let The Sunshine ThroughThe Black SeedsTheBlackSeeds/DRM224
40St Lukes Freakout Tuesday 3pmBlue Mt LumberConstantLoveMasters222